Evicare® pure

The light version of MCT aka CCTG. Only short chain Caprylic acid used. Totally pure, totally Evicare® pure



Features & Benefits

Evicare® pure is a natural based light emollient with good caring properties. Similar to MCT oil it is a vey stable and totally color- and odorless oil, however due to very short fatty acid chain length more polar, Evicare® pure is a allrounder that can be used in every skin care formulation with a slightly lighter touch than MCT oil.


Evicare® pure is used in natural and conventional skin care products especially for face care with SPF, like BB-creams, day creams etc. It is also beneficial in all products containing pigments. Suitable for all emulsions and oil based products that require a light skin feel and good spreading on the skin.

Usage Level

1.0 - 10.0%

Cosmos approved


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