Evicare® lipotex pof

Our cool oil texturizer is available as a palm-oil-free version. Evicare® lipotex pof converts liquid oils into solid butters.


Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil

Features & Benefits

Evicare® lipotex pof is a 100% natural and non-palm derived oil thickener. It can increase the viscosity of liquid oils and convert them in soft fluid paste or even totally solid textures. It works with most vegetable oils or ester oils and makes application of oil phases such as massage oils neat & clean. The solid butters easily produced with Evicare® lipotex pof softly melt on the skin with our body temperature. It is palm oil free and derived from rapeseed and/or sunflower.


Evicare® lipotex pof melts in oils at a temperature of approximately 60-70°C. Mix it thoroughly for a homogeneous distribution and let it cool down to yield a pasty to solid oil phase. The viscosity achieved depends on the concentration.

Usage Level

5.0 - 15.0%

Cosmos approved


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