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About us

Evident Ingredients is the synthesis of many years of experience from different corners of the Health Care industries and mostly centered around our special passion for Personal Care. Our team and our company stand for naturalness, speed, agility and beauty. Just like our mascot and logo the hummingbird.

Our strength is our knowledge. We support our customers in all stages of R&D in their projects, with extraordinary service and flexible supply of raw materials. Easy, flexible and fast – just as you need it

Our values are based on our sincere desire to help to our customers. We are here to stay – with you. We will not give you boring chemistry lectures to show off our know-how. We rather translate our knowledge into practical ideas that you can convert into solutions for your formulation problems. Don’t expect marketing and sales gibberish from us, just tell us what you need and we will deliver it.

That's Evident.

Kolibri This is us


…is our expert for sourcing, logistics and sales. With 13 years of experience in product management, international procurement and sales of specialties in the personal care industry he has gained countless contacts to producers, distributors and customers worldwide. Along the way he also collected a few foreign languages and a vast chemical knowledge.


…is bilingual and his intercultural affinity has become the core of his daily work. Since more than 15 years in sales of cosmetic raw materials he has travelled to almost every country in the world and learned about peculiarities and trends in these markets. He loves to use the knowledge from these trips and from his PhD in chemistry to help customers with their challenges. In the last 10 years he also worked in many projects of new product development of specialty raw materials


…half British, half German, full chemist and entrepreneur. Ever since studying chemistry and virology, he has been successful as an owner of two businesses in the field lab equipment and analytical automation. Our expert for business administration, finance and controlling is also auditor for quality management. And an excellent barista. You can look forward to enjoying his coffee specialties if you happen to visit us in the beautiful city of Hamburg.