Along with our products we are happy to share our experience and knowledge regarding raw materials and cosmetic formulations. Do you have a formulation challenge? Let us know, we may have the solution.

We are not keen on selling something that will not be successful in your project or does not have a benefit in your formulation. We are ready to help you with your project, so that everything goes right from the beginning.

The Products

We are specialists for specialties

We have a firm focus on the protection of personal care products. And we do this with robust and safe systems that are as mild as possible to the skin and natural whenever possible. While many suppliers still hang on to chemical preservatives we have a range of modern and mild antimicrobials that give a reliable preservative effect. Easy to use and with a positive image, formulators will love them and consumers will not notice them – modern preservation has a new name: Evicide®.

Using natural sources is in our DNA. Also for other product segments we use vegetable based raw materials. Emulsifiers, Emollients? 100% plant based! Same for our chelating agents, actives or antioxidants. Look for our broad selection of natural ingredients: Evicare®

Natural Antimicrobials & Preservatives Synthetic Antimicrobials & Preservatives Emulsifiers & co-emulsifiers Antioxidants & active ingredients Functional Ingredients