Evicare® magnolia

We don't know what is better: the rich activity range on the skin or the lovely INCI name? Let your customers decide, most likely they will love both.


Magnolia Officinalis Bark Extract

Features & Benefits

Evicare® magnolia is a powerful active from the beautiful magnolia tree. The natural extract is produced from the bark of the tree and contains a minimum of 98% active matter in powder form. The two main components of the extract - Magnolol and Honokiol - have been known in traditional chinese medicine (TMC) for centuries.


Evicare® magnolia is a lipophilic extract that is best solubilised in the water phase or simply dissolved in the oil phase. It has an antimicrobial effect against many microorganisms on human skin that may cause problems. Therefore it is a very interesting ingredient to keep the micobiome in balance and keep tha bad guys out from our skin.

Usage Level

0.05 - 0.2%

Cosmos approved


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