Evicare® toco soy

The most cost-effective tocopherol and of course GMO-free. Mixed tocopherols sourced directly from soy. Evicare® toco soy



Features & Benefits

Evicare® toco soy is a natural mixed tocopherol. With our single sourcing strategy we can guarantee that it is non-GMO quality sourced from Soy (Glycine max) and no other vegetable oil is added afterwards. A pure product from just one vegetable origin – hence the simplified INCI name compared to other suppliers. As some consumers are concerned about GMO we go beyond the non-GMO certification and guarantee IP quality (Identity Preserved, meaning that the product is not simply tested but traceable back to its non-GMO source).


Evicare® toco soy is the classic tocopherol and naturally high in beta- and gamma-tocopherol the strongest of the four isomers for product protection. This ensures that sensitive actives and natural oils are protected against oxidation and rancidity. Suitable for all emulsions and oil based products and the most cost-effective source for natural tocopherol.

Usage Level

0.05 - 0.3%

Cosmos approved


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