Evicare® toco sun

Evicare® toco sun is the tocopherol for the skin. More than 90% biocompatible α-Tocopherol for excellent performance in the skin. Sun flower based.



Features & Benefits

Evicare® toco sun is a natural mixed tocopherol. With our single sourcing strategy we can guarantee that it is non-GMO quality sourced from Sunflower seeds (Helianthus annuus) and no other vegetable oil is added afterwards. A pure product from just one vegetable origin – hence the simplified INCI name compared to other suppliers. Evicare® toco sun – in contrast to tocoherols from other sources is high in alpha tocopherol (>90%), which is the isomer with highest biological activity in the skin.


Evicare® toco sun is the fully natural and unmanipulated alternative to alpha tocopherol that is usually chemically derived from mixed tocopherols or even purely synthetic. Suitable for all emulsions and oil based products and a very effective happy-ageing active for the skin.

Usage Level

0.05 - 0.3%

Cosmos approved


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