Evicare® emulgiza light

THE O/W-emulsifier blend that allows you to formulate everything from liquid to semi-solid. Natural and soooo easy to use. Evicare® emulgiza light


Glyceryl Stearate Citrate, Cetearyl Alcohol, Glyceryl Laurate

Features & Benefits

Evicare® emulgiza light combines a robust anionic O/W-emulsifier with a co-emulsifier that creates a rich an creamy texture. The third component is Glyceryl Laurate with an array of functions. As a wetting agent it improves the formation of emulsion and allows homogenization at lower temperatures. As a known boosting agent it imparts a basic preservative boosting effect. A true multifunctional ingredient.


A large range of different formulations is possible with Evicare® emulgiza light. Low viscous sprayable milk can be produced as well as many types of semi-liquid emulsions for face and body care. High viscous and protective creams like body butter is possible and the use of pigments or UV-filters, too. A really versatile and easy to use, fully natural emulsifier blend.

Usage Level

3 -5%

Cosmos approved


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