EvicareĀ® GO

Glyceryl Oleate is an emulsifier of vegetable origin used to stabilize oil-in-water emulsions.


Glyceryl Oleate

Features & Benefits

Versatile co-emulsifier, this can be used as an emulsifier in skin care products and can also be used as a surfactant in hair care products or thickener to improve the volume or bulk of a product. As a refatting agent, it can help smooth the skin, make it softer and more supple.


EvicareĀ® GO is a semi-solid liquid emulsifier that is easy to handle. It can be easily added to the oil phase and various formulations can be created on it, such as lotions, creams, liquid soaps, hair shampoos or shower gels.

Usage Level

2.0 - 4.0%

Cosmos approved


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