Evicare® PGS

So simple to use and especially nice with an anionic partner. You have to try Evicare® PGS for O/W emulsions.


Polyglyceryl-3 Stearate

Features & Benefits

Evicare® PGS is a powerful non-ionic emulsifier. This natural and food grade product is ideal for light and soft O/W concepts. Especially the good spreading of emulsions is improved and soaping reduced. It can easily be combined with many co-emulsifiers, especially ionic-emulsifiers can produce interesting textures.


Evicare® PGS is an easy to use O/W emulsifier that comes in pellets. This facilitates the handling and dust-free environment in production. It is a very good basic emulsifier that can be modified by different co-emulsifiers or texturizers. This allows a broad range of O/W concepts for different applications.

Usage Level

2 - 4%

Cosmos approved


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