EvicareĀ® emolight

Pleasant light emollient, which gives the formulation a light as a feather skin feel.


Isoamyl Laurate

Features & Benefits

Isoamyl Laurate creates a silky light skin feel and improves spreadability on the skin in emulsions. It is suitable for all skin types and is derived from 100% renewable raw materials and is readily biodegradable. In addition, EvicareĀ® emolight is optimal for dissolving UV filters and dispersing pigments in sun care products and color cosmetics.


Can be simply added to the oil phase and heated afterwards without any problems. When used as a solubilizer for pigments or other active ingredients, prepare a premix and add to the rest of the formulation.

Usage Level

1.0 - 20.0%

Cosmos approved


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