Evicare® silk

With Evicare® silk hair feels like in heaven. Silky touch without Silcones or Quats and with certification for natural cosmetics.


PCA Glyceryl Oleate

Features & Benefits

Evicare® silk is a fully natural hair conditioning agent. Due to its molecular structure it has a natural cationic charge at the common use conditions that helps to create an effective connection to human hair. The natural Oleic Acid in the molecule is identical to the protection provided in the natural state of the hair and therefore restores the protection that is lost by washing the hair and stress caused by UV, Oxygen etc. The hydrophobic layer on the hair protects and improves combability.


Evicare® silk is a natural hair conditioner and compatible with all common surfactants. It is used in shampoos but also in hair conditioner and masks. The conditioning effect on the skin can be used in shower gels and skin care products, too.

Usage Level

0.5 - 2.0%

Cosmos approved


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