Evicide® GML

The vegetable derived Evicide® GML belongs to the first actives discovered and used for preservative boosting and alternative preservation. An Oldie but Goldie.


Glyceryl Laurate

Features & Benefits

Evicide® GML is a 100% natural Multifunctional ingredient. It has a well known antimicrobial effect and has been used for decades in alternative preservation systems. In contrast to other surfactant based antimicrobials Evicide® GML does not have an impact on emulsion stability and is very mild on the skin, too. With its monoester content of 90% it is highly concentrated to achieve best results in the formulation. On top of the boosting activity, we discovered much more, like its unique co-emulsifying properties and thickening of sulfate-free surfactant systems.


Evicide® GML can be added to the water or oil phase and requires melting at approximately 40-45° C. Mix it well prior to addition of the oil phase and homogenization. In emulsions it acts like an accelerator for the homogenization step because it helps the main emulsifiers to assemble more quickly at the interphase. The boosting effect can be used for every preservative system and will help to reduce the load of preservatives.

Usage Level

0.5 - 2%

Cosmos approved


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