Evicide® levanise 1388 eco

Your buddy for protection of natural cosmetics: full spectrum antimicrobial action and super easy to use.


Sodium Levulinate, Sodium Anisate, Glycerin, Aqua

Features & Benefits

Evicide® levanise 1388 eco is the perfect and easy to use combination of two strong antimicrobials. The multifunctional components have a skin conditioning and moisturizing effect but most of all are known for their superb antimicrobial effect. Combined in a proven ratio they give a reliable antimicrobial protection of personal care products. 100% natural and approved for certified natural cosmetics.


Evicide® levanise 1388 eco is a water based liquid mixture that makes formulating easy. The antimicrobial effect makes other preservatives obsolete and is very easy to use due to its liquid nature. Simply add it to the water phase and adjust the pH at the end to approximately 5.5

Usage Level


Cosmos approved


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