Evicide® rose eco

Natural, antimicrobial, water soluble, pH-independent, nice odor. Did we forget something? Yes, the name: Evicide® rose eco


Phenethyl Alcohol

Features & Benefits

The 100% natural Evicide® rose eco is a fragrance component and strong antimicrobial two nice properties that make it popular as a multifunctional ingredient in cosmetics. The delicate floral scent of rose can mask undesired odors in the formulation without using additional fragrance. On top it has a distinct antimicrobial effect against yeast and mold and can especially help to protect products when fungi are difficult to control.


Evicide® rose eco is perfect for modern and mild skin care formulations, also fragrance free ones. It is especially powerful against fungi in all emulsion types and works already at low concentrations to improve the performance of any preservative system. For all certified natural cosmetics.

Usage Level

0.1 - 1.0%

Cosmos approved


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