Evicide® anise

Evicide® anise is a nature identical active that scares yeast and mold. Even at lowest concentrations. Bye, bye fungi.


p-Anisic Acid

Features & Benefits

Evicide® anise is a well known strong fungicide. As part of a preservative system Evicide® anise reduces yeast and mold with a reliable performance. With the right anti-bacterial product from the Evicide® range it is easily possible to replace existing traditional preservatives.


Evicide® anise works perfectly and easily as a strong fungicidal component for the full protection of surfactant based products like shampoos or shower gels. In emulsions Evicide® anise is used globally as well, in some cases the use of a boosting agent is recommended.

Usage Level

0.1 - 0.3%

Cosmos approved


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